Sunday, February 14, 2016

Aydinspor 1-0 Ankaragucu!

Toothless, spineless, gutless are just a few words to describe this Ankaragucu team and management at this present moment. Another defeat against excuse my language a shite team who had only won 1 of their last 10 games. Despite making big changes to the team, Kemal Kilic has shown why he has managed 147 teams in his 147 years of managing. How he manages to keep getting new jobs is beyond me.

Team - Turgut, Goksu, Sedat, Adem, Onur, Harun, Salih, Omer, Emrah, Enes, Sertan

Subs - Altay, Mehmet, Volkan, Hasan, Muhammed, Timur, Teoman

So in came Onur, Harun, Sertan and Sedat as Kemal looked to save his Ankaragucu career with a win. According to reports he was told on Monday that if he fails to win this match he would be sacked. It doesn't matter because even if he goes we will just appoint some other useless pish manager who has been sacked from every club he has been at. Reports suggest Hayati Soydas will take his place, funnily enough he's already been sacked by Yiginer 2 years ago.

It has to be said, both Harun Aydin and Onur Atasayer can hold their heads high as they both performed very well and can count themselves unlucky to be on the losing side. Thats where the positivity finishes. Each and every other player need to take a long hard look at themselves. Part of me wishes we never lifter the transfer ban, because all the new players apart from Goksu and Omer have been woeful.

Ankaragucu had 1 decent chance in the first half when Harun played in Omer but his shot was tipped round the post by the goalkeeper. It was the usual sideward passing by Ankaragucu with nothing for the excellent travelling fans to cheer about.

In all the years of watching football, i have never seen a team more incapable of making easy through passes or creating chances. I would understand if we were playing against Super Lig teams, but these are players who to be honest aren't very good that we are playing against, and thats not being disrespectful. Its an awful league, with awful teams.

The second half was as bad as the first half, Ankaragucu had a goal ruled out for offside, and then 1 decent effort saved by the Aydin goalkeeper. Game looked to be heading for a 0-0 draw until a moment of madness from Sedat Bayrak, he failed to clear the ball in the box and ended up fouling his man with the referee pointing to the spot, up stepped Seckin Getbay who made no mistake with the penalty to make it 1-0.

It stayed that way, while Manisaspor won 1-0 at home against Tepecikspor. They are now 12 points ahead of Ankaragucu who in danger of even making the playoffs with this kind of form.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ankaragucu vs Aydinspor match preview!

Another away match for Ankaragucu this weekend as they travel to Aydinspor looking to make up for the disaster that was last weekend. Three days have went by and i still find myself frustrated and angry at the performance against Tepecikspor. Sometimes in football you play well, give it your all and lose. We simply looked like we didn't care and were playing in a pre season match.

Instead of thinking about challenging Manisaspor for the championship, Ankaragucu need to concentrate on securing a playoff place. Kemal Kilic will also need to find a way of making this team create more chances and more deadly in front of goal. The defence has done its job this season and goalkeeper has done ok to, however the midfield and attack need to up their game.

One change Kilic needs to address, is the need for playing 2 defensive midfielders in Salih Sefercik and Muhammed Gonulacar. Their is no need to have 2 players who are slow and don't create anything going forward in the team. He needs to chose between those two and Harun for the defensive midfield role and bring another attacking player into the team.

The likes of Hasan Ayaroglu, Hasan Kaya, Orhan Evci, and Mustafa Ozturk all find themselves out of the team with Hasan Kaya now on loan at Golbasisspor. Scoring goals win matches, if we can't address that situation then we could be in danger of missing out on a playoff place.

The home side Aydinspor have only won 1 of their last 10 matches in all competitions. They still find themselves in 6th position in the league. That kind of sums up how bad the quality is in this division. If you look at the Ankaragucu team from 2 seasons ago that lost out in the playoffs to Alanyaspor, that team would have won this division comfortably. Unfortunately that season we had two very good teams in Altinordu and Alanyaspor that we were up against, this season their aren't any good sides.

The match kicks off at 13:30 Turkish time and all the updates of the game will be on our Facebook page Round Ball in Ankara.

Lig TV getting their act together?

Those grey blobs in the pre-match line-ups where our new players are supposed to be will be no more. Lig TV today took some shots of our new coach Ibrahim Uzelmez and of a few of our new players.

Now all they need to do is to buy some new cameras for matches that don't involve the top three Istanbul teams. It was amazing just how bad was the broadcast of the Kasimpasa - Gencler match. And it certainly wasn't the television's fault. Straight afterwards they showed a live Spanish league match which was in perfect HD. Come on Lig TV. Get your act together.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Genclerbirligi climbing away from the relegation zone

Having had four or five coaches this year it seems that Gencler have finally hit upon somebody who knows what he is doing. Ibrahim Uzulmez now has a coaching career at Gencler of played three, won three...

Kasimpasa 0 - 1 Genclerbirligi

The TFF once again put a Gencler away match on a Monday night, thus making it impossible for us to make a weekend trip out of it. Seems as if the Kasimpasa fans couldn't be bothered either as less than a thousand people showed up. So when you combine the rubbish ticketing system and stupid timing of the match... well, you can't be surprised when no one shows up.

So Alex and Spine and me decided to use the opportunity to try out a new pub that opened around the corner from my place a week or so ago. The place is weirdly named "Fake" (with the "e" being printed back to front). It has lots of TVs for Lig TV, two quarter-sized pool tables, three darts boards, comfy chairs, two stand up urinals and one western commode in the mens' toilets (I forgot to check the ladies' room), very weird background music which seemed to be a record of something like "Blokes sing Abba", various local and foreign beers and an Efes draught 500mls will set you back 13 lira.

Kick-off and we get some decent play. Nothing amazing from either team but Gencler were pushing forward whenever they could. They seemed to have upped their tempo quite a bit since Uzulmez took over and they are clearly playing with a lot more passion.

Kasimpasa were pretty good too and I would say that the two sides were evenly matched. There were a couple of goal-scoring opportunities, Stancu got a weak shot in and Hopf did brilliantly at full stretch to palm a ball out but the most fun was when Campos buggered up a great chance when he couldn't decide whether to head the ball or control it. In the end he decided to try a side-on bicycle kick with the result being that he just ended up on the ground wondering what the hell was going on. 

Second half and we were playing the better football and we should have gone ahead but El Kabir for some reason didn't try to have a sliding shot... it just seemed weird.

With about 20 minutes to go Kasimpasa's Popov was given a second yellow card (both were deserved) and we just upped the anti a little bit more.

In the end it was some good control in the attacking midfield from Irfan (who had come on after another great 70 minutes from Hleb). Irfan sent it wide to Campos who sent it back along the ground into the box, the ball went through about two dozen Kasimpasa defenders and found Irfan all on his own... whack and GOOOOAAALLLLLL.

All up a very good win away from home. This is building nicely as we claw our way above the relegation zone and aim for the lofty position of ninth that is our birthright.

Next up is Bursaspor on Saturday. Should be a cracker!

Hakan Aslantas channels his namesake.  

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Ankaragucu 0-1 Tepecikspor

Make no mistake about it, this was nothing more than an utterly awful performance from Ankaragucu in a match that they had to win to have any chance of catching leaders Manisaspor. The gap is now 9 points after Manisaspor won 2-1 at home against Tarsus yesterday. Today should have saw an Ankaragucu team hungry for the 3 points and a high tempo putting pressure on lowly Tepecikspor. Instead the large travelling Ankaragucu support were served horse shit which just looked like 11 donkeys who had been poisoned by Raki running about a football pitch.

Team - Ferhat, Orhan, Adem, Gurkan, Mehmet, Salih, Muhammed, Omer, Enes, Emrah, Timur

Subs - Turgut, Sedat, Harun, Onur, Sertan, Teoman, Volkan

Ankaragucu had to do without star man Goksu Alhas today due to suspension, Orhan took his place and boy did we miss him. Its a sad day when your key playmaker is a right back. The midfield in Salih, Muhammed and Emrah created nothing, and the forwards in Enes, Timur and Omer fluffed any chance that came their way today. The team could still be playing just now and not score a goal.

Its been evident from pre season that Ankaragucu struggle not only to score goals, but also create chances. The central midfield pairing of Muhammed and Salih are too slow and don't have any creativity to make things happen. The team struggled to even put 2-3 passes together.

What really gets to me is that we have the likes of Onur Atasayer, Hasan Ayaroglu, Hasan Kaya, Harun Aydin, Mustafa Ozturk, and Emir Ozbey all either out the squad or on the bench. These young players at least have the legs to get up and down a football pitch.

It was difficult to see who was at fault for the Tepecikspor goal today, but it looked like another mistake from Ferhat who is hobbling about injured. He couldn't even take the goal kicks yet Kemal Kilic insisted in playing him until the goal went in when he brought Turgut on.

The league is now over, Manisa will drop points, there is no doubt of that, however this Ankaragucu team continue to drop points against shit teams at the bottom and don't have it in them to become champions. The sad thing is that, this is the best chance we will ever have of winning promotion from this league due to the lack of quality, the current management team failed to lift the transfer ban which will come back to haunt us.

Now the current management team have done a lot of good, but stop fucking about and blaming Gokcek and threatening him if you are not going to do anything about it, sue him and do the right thing!! Also how can Yiginer have money to buy Golbasisspor but not have money to lift the transfer ban? Strange.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Ankaragucu vs Tepecikspor match preview!

Ankargucu are at Tepecikspor this weekend in another must win match to keep up the pressure on leaders Manisaspor. Both teams won last weekend after hard fought wins as Manisa stay top by 6 points.

Before we look ahead to this weekends match, their was more bad news for the club off the field. It seems like i should just copy and paste from previous weeks match previews. Yet again the TFF are set to punish Ankaragucu due to bad language from the fans in the 2-1 win over Kecoirengucu. The club are also set to be given a 1 match stadium ban which will hurt the club again financially.

Only just a couple of weeks ago the TFF handed Ankaragucu a 3 point deduction due to the clubs accounts. Is this really a way to manage one of your clubs that your association governs? You know that the club have financial problems, yet you continue to hand out fines every week. You also hand the club a 3 point deduction for mess left by Melih Gokcek, and even though Fifa wrote to the club thanking them for all their work on paying their outstanding debts?

This is the same TFF, who this week have also announced that the cup game between Amedspor vs Fenerbahce will be played behind closed doors. A chance for a small club like Amedspor and their fans to enjoy one of the biggest matches in their history but TFF decide no fans allowed?

Going onto this coming weekends match with Tepecikspor and the club were dealt a blow when Goksu Alhas picked up his 4th yellow card of the season meaning he serves an automatic 1 match suspension. Goksu has been a key player for the club this season and a standout of the new signings the club made in the summer. Orhan Evci will come into the starting line up and its a chance for him to impress and make stake for his place back in the first team.

Tepecikspor are just 4 points outside the relegation zone and will be looking to take something from the game themselves as they fight for their place to stay in the division. The lost 4-0 in the cup on Monday at Istanbul Basaksehir which is no embarrassment seen as the home side are in the Super Lig. Their are no easy games in this league but these are games Ankaragucu should be going and winning comfortably.

Hopefully come Sunday afternoon we will be celebrating another win for Ankaragucu while Manisaspor will hopefully drop points at home to Tarsus.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Moving back into second!

31.01.2016: Ankaragücü 2 - 1 Keçiörengücü

The chilly winter weather continued this week but did not deter Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Cider Kanka John, Fellaini Kanka Ahmet, Everton Kanka Marcus, Maniac Kanka Harun and Gençler Kanka Alex from turning up to freeze -- in Harun's case literally, as he had to be shipped out of the stadium early in a block of ice.

However, those who survived gave a thought to our brave fellow kankas up in the frozen wastelands of Scotland.

The first half was some of the most exciting football we've seen since the Super Lig. "End to end" was how Gençler Kanka Alex described it, and I'll continue to plagiarise heavily from his analysis for the rest of this piece.

In the tenth minute, Keçiörengücü took a beautiful curving corner that - as far as I could see - went straight into the net practically unaided. The defense, needless to say, were not expecting such a perfectly placed shot in this league... 0-1

Ankaragücü reacted by really getting into gear, and five minutes and several chances later, Enes Kubat chipped the keeper to even the score... 1-1

Both teams played - by the standards of the league - flowing, exciting football. Ankaragücü were caught closely offside a few times on the break, and made some beautiful play up the left-hand side. At the same time, the AG keeper never looked quite comfortable, fumbling and almost being caught out.

The tension peaked after the 43rd minute. Ankaragücü broke away and beat the keeper to score a glorious goal, which was ruled offside. Two minutes later, Keçiörengücü had launched an excellent counterattack and crossed the ball past the keeper onto the striker's head - only for him to somehow miss an open goal from directly in front of it. Ankaragücü immediately leapt back into action, dribbling past the out of position defence and feeding Kubat a little chip that he placed straight home... 2-1.

The second half was extremely disappointing football, however. Ankaragücü kept all their players back and timewasted, while Keçiörengücü, frustrated, also ended up looking like a significantly worse team than they had been in the second half. Aside from a few scares in the last 10 minutes (and especially in comparison to the bombastic first half) there was nothing much to report.

The score meant that Ankaragücü climbed back up into second place, with 35 points (three fewer than we should be on, thanks to the TFF). With a bit of luck for us and bad luck for Manisa we are still in the race for the automatic promotion that comes with first place.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Turkish Cup doesn't matter?

Gencler got knocked out by Etimesgutspor, Ankaragucu got knocked out by ????

But the Turkish Cup continues and today there was an amazing match.

Bursaspor 1 - 2 Amedspor

Some basic background: Amedspor is the old Diyarbakirspor. Some (certainly not all (but actually most of them)) Bursa fan groups have been upping the nationalism to 200 percent in the run up to this match. Diyarbakir, of course, is the biggest Kurdish city in Turkey. I don't think I need to spell out to "Round Ball in Ankara" fans just what horrible things are happening in the Southeast at the moment. Obviously though, Amedspor fans were banned from attending today's match in Bursa.

There were the usual anti-PKK chants, various racist stuff and just general horribleness from the Bursa fans. It was a football match after all.

And then the football started. Hahahahahahhahahahahahahaha

Amedspor goes one-nil up.

Bursa fight back and pretty much control the match for a long period of time. Their fans are singing as loud as they can but nothing seems to work.

Second half.

Amed was still 1-0 up when the ball went back the Deniz Naki. He was just outside the box, he shot and there was no way the keeper was going to save it. That was the goal of his life!

Some of you may remember Deniz Naki. He used to play for Genclerbirligi. A year or so ago Deniz left the club after Gencler refused to back him up. He had been verbally attacked, possibly physically attacked, in the street in Ankara for being an Alevi. The situation was very murky but Deniz left the club right after the attack. To its disgrace, the club wanted nothing to do with him.

Today though he was as proud as anyone could be. It wasn't just a great goal, it was a goal scored with all the football gods lining up. I can only express jealousy that Deniz got to live his dream. Scoring a goal against the fascists!!!!!!


Bursa got one back towards the end but it was all too late. So, Amedspor goes through to the quarterfinal. I can only wish them the best of luck.

Bursaspor coach Hamza Hamzaoglu was being a dickhead as usual in his post match remarks.

"I congratulate the opposition team players but I don't congratulate some of them. There were a lot of provocative actions," the coach said ignoring the racist chanting of the Bursaspor fans.

Anyway... Back in Diyarbakir, the fans went wild. This was one huge win. Just as happens for any big win for Galatasaray, Besiktas, Fenerbahce or Turkey, the football fans of Diyarbakir came out to celebrate. There is something wonderful in how people of Turkey celebrate big football wins - It is true joy as thousands of people crowd together in the streets to sing and dance. Everyone forgets the normal hassles of life and simply celebrates being a witness to a wonderful event. This is what makes sport so wonderful. It is what makes sport so wonderful in Turkey.

The Turkish police then sent the TOMAs in.



Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ankaragucu vs Keciorengucu match preview!

Myself and Jim met up last night in Inchinin at the Braehead Tavern which was funnily enough the first place we ever met. We had a good chat about Ankaragucu and what the future holds for the club, like most Ankargucu fans we both agree the team need to win promotion this season otherwise it could be the end of the road for the club due to the finances.

Before we look at this weekends match with Keciorengucu, their were a couple of bits of news this week regarding the clubs off field issues again. Firstly, Ankaragucu general manager Ercan Soydas made a statement to the Ankara press in regards to his disappointment of the clubs 3 point deduction by the TFF. Soydas went onto say that the current management team had received letters from Fifa thanking them for paying their debts and closing over 37 files. The Turkish FA still decided to punish the club despite all the good work and progress the management team have made.

Today the Turkish FA also decided to hand the club a 4,000 TL fine due to bad language from the Ankaragucu fans at their match with Fatih Karagumrukspor last weekend. How can the club continue to pay their debts when the Turkish FA fine us every week for bad language?

Onto this weekends match with Keciorengucu and another top of the table must win clash. Kecioren climbed above Ankaragucu into 2nd place last weekend as the Ankara club were held to a 1-1 draw at Fatih Karagumruk, while Keciorengucu won 1-0 at Tepecikspor.

The last time the two sides met, Ankaragucu won 1-0 at Kecioren with Omer Bozan scoring a late winner. Kecioren will be out to avenge that defeat and go into the game on excellent form having won their last 4 games.

Ankaragucu will be hoping Omer Bozan is available for the weekends match as he missed out on last weekends match. Omer is one of the sides key players, and the fans will also be hoping for Mustafa Ozturk to keep his place in the team after his return from injury.

Its difficult to see Ankaragucu going on a winning run that can see them clinch the title from the likes of Manisaspor and Keciorengucu. For me their are a couple of players on the bench more deserving of a place in the first team. Orhan Evci and Hasan Ayaroglu were arguably our best players last season, but have found themselves out of favour under Kemal Kilic.

As Jim pointed out a couple of weeks ago, our midfield is the weak point of our team. Their is no one in the middle of the park who can dictate the game. Salih and Sertan have both lost that early promise they showed, while some argue Harun Aydin is a better option to Muhammed.

John will be filling in for Jim doing this weekends match report as the Kankas will again be at the stadium to cheer on the team. Kick off is at 13:30 Turkish time for anyone interested in coming along.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Turning corners

Have Gencler turned a corner after another good performance this week? The players look happy, motivated and most importantly in form. Things are on the up.

Genclerbirligi 1 - 0 Antalyaspor

The bitter cold here in Ankara had me wrapped up like a polar bear and at the stadium we abandoned our normal seats to sit a bit lower down in the sun. The sun has the amazing ability to warm you up and within minutes we had shed our coats, gloves and woolen hats and sat back in the glorious sunshine to watch a match that lacked a lot of goals but was nonetheless thoroughly enjoyable.

This is Hakan

Hakan supports an Istanbul team

There are teams in the city where he
lives but Hakan is an Istanbul fan

When the team visits his city he runs to the stands
where he swears full on at the
team of  the city where he lives

Hakan doesn't give a damn if his city's
team gets relegated. It's enough for
his Istanbul love to be the champions

Hakan worships power

Don't be like Hakan 
I won't go through every attack we made. Let's just say there were lots. We had plenty of chances in the first half and it was just luck really that none of them went in. We completely controlled play. Hleb was wonderful feeding balls around the place and Djama Campos on the right wing not only made some of the defenders look like fools, and leading them to foul him, but he also sent in some simply brilliant crosses.

Even though it was 0-0 at the break us fans were happy enough as this was good football and we felt it was only a matter of time until we scored.

When the goal finally came it wasn't from any of our excellent attacks but a corner. Campos sent it in, one of our blokes headed it, keeper saves and Ante Kulusic was in the right spot to tap it in.

We continued to attack and could easily have gone a couple more up. It was all looking great until one very very silly quick freekick taken by one of our defenders was intercepted and the ball was sent through to Eto'o for one of his very few touches of the match. He took a weak shot which went wide of the post. It was the only shot at goal that Antalya had all match.

All up, a good win and we slowly but surely start to pull ourselves away from the relegation zone.    
The one bit of bad news was when our new signing Serdar Sahin went down with what looked like a hamstring injury. Hope he won't be out for too long.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ankaragucu 1-1 Fatih Karagumrukspor match report!

Ankaragucu blew their chance of closing the gap to 4 points on leaders Manisaspor who lost 4-3 at home to Inegolspor last night. Their was an opportunity today for Ankaragucu to put pressure on Manisaspor and show that they mean business in this title challenge. Instead it was another feeble effort against without being disrespectful, another shit Lig 2 side!!

Team - Ferhat Odobasi, Goksu Alhas, Volkan Geyik, Adem Saglam, Mehmet Tasci, Muhammed Gonulacar, Salih Sefercik, Sertan Vardar, Enes Kubat, Emrah Bozkurt, Timur Kosovali

Subs - Turgut Kirveli, Harun Aydin, Orhan Evci, Teoman Erkan, Mustafa Ozturk, Sedat Bayrak, Gurkan Alver

Top scorer Omer Bozan wasn't in the squad today, and their was no place in the squad either for Hasan Ayaroglu. Omer must have either been suspended or injured as he has been our best player this season and the team missed him today. Hasan on the other hand, just can't get his Ankaragucu career going, always either injured or inconsistent but their is no doubting his quality.

Its frustrating watching Ankaragucu blow so many chances to make this tile their own. Time and time again they have either had an opportunity to go top, or close the gap and have failed to take their chance, mostly against lower half of the table sides. And today was no different, it was the same story as always, plenty of possession, defended reasonably well, but struggled to make any chances, the ones that did come our way we managed to miss.

Credit to Timur Kosovali though, he proved again today that if we create chances for him, he will more than likely get on the scoresheet. That proved to be the case today as Goksu Alhas set him up on the 20th minute make it 1-0 Ankaragucu.

The score stayed that way for the first half and Kemal Kilic would have went in at half time telling his players that they are 45 minutes away from closing the gap to 4 points. Instead they went straight out and conceded a goal as Serdar Dursun made it 1-1.

Ankaragucu had a couple of chances in the second half but didn't quite create enough clear cut chances to win the game. Keciorengucu leapt above Ankaragucu into 2nd in the table as they won 1-0 at Tepecikspor. Kecioren are the form team in the league at the moment and travel to Ankaragucu next Sunday in what will be a huge game for both sides. Kocaeli Birlikspor can also leap above Ankaragucu if they win their game in hand with todays match postponed due to bad weather.

Kemal Kilic will now need to pick the players up for next weeks game with Keciorengucu, if they players don't raise their game for that match then their title aspirations could be over in January.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ankaragucu vs Fatih Karagumrukspor match preview!

Ankaragucu travel to Fatih Karagumrukspor on Sunday looking to make it 2 wins from 2 after the winter break. I only managed to catch about 20 minutes of last weekends 2-1 win over Tokatspor on Periscope. I thought we looked ok and played some decent football but lacked any pace or threat in attack or midfield. According to Jim though, it was another poor performance from Ankaragucu and they will need to raise their game if they are to become champions.

The frustrating thing about the situation the club finds itself in, is that this is such a weak league and it would only take 3 quality players to almost guarantee promotion. The Goalkeeper and Defence is solid enough, but the team is very weak in midfield and attack. Its difficult to tell whether the strikers would perform better if they had better midfielders creating chances for them.

One player in particular who can be excluded from any criticism is Omer Bozan, the wide midfielder is the teams top scorer with 6 goals and has impressed since his move in the summer from Hatayspor. Hasan Ayaroglu is another important player but he just doesn't seem to get a regular run in the team due to inconsistency. Orhan Evci arguably our best player last season is also sitting on the bench most weeks. Mustafa Ozturk who looked impressive in his first couple of games before picking up an injury hasn't made it back into the first team and Hasan Kaya has also fallen out of favour.

The home side this weekend will have a familiar face in the starting line up in Atilla Aybars Garhan. The 24 year old came through the Ankaragucu youth team and lead the attack during the season Ankaragucu were relegated from the Super Lig. He won a move to Karabukspor but failed to make an impression while also having an unsuccessful spell at 1461 Trabzon.

Fatih Karagumruk have lost 3 of their last 4 league games, but as we have learned all to often this season, their are no easy games in this league. Manisaspor host Inegolspor as they look to bounce back after last weeks draw with Kartalspor. Kocaeli Birlikspor host Sivas BB while Keciorengucu travel to Tepecikspor in the other top 4 games.

Im meeting up with Jim in Glasgow next Wednesday, hopefully we will be celebrating another Ankaragucu win and even better a defeat for Manisa to close the gap to 1 point!

Monday, January 18, 2016


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The most important factor was securing the 3 points, but the overall performance of this Ankaragucu team does not auger well for the 2nd half of the season.   The glaring weakness is in midfield which is the engine room of all strong teams, and Ankaragucu is in dire straits in this area of the team.  

Salih runs his socks off, but he is not up to this job.   Only Hasan Ayaroglu has the wherewithal but he wasn’t introduced until the 2nd half for some reason, and in my opinion he should be the first name on the team sheet !

The obvious positives in the team are the consistent performances from attacking full-back Goksu who put in a great shift yesterday and was instrumental in a vital assist for Ankaragucu’s first goal.   Also, Omer made his presence felt up front.

ANKARAGUCU   2                  Tokatspor    1

The kankas met up in the Stadium – Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Posh Kanka Ahmet, Essex Boy Kanka Matt, Cider Kanka John and Apple Kanka Erman.   As usual, Gecikondu was full and the other tribunes were almost full.   There were about 50 in the ‘away end’, but unusually for supporters in that area, they were silent throughout.

The match exploded into life in the 7th minute when Goksu went on a mazy run down the right wing.   He cut inside beating about 5 defenders in the process, and then slid the ball into the path of the unmarked Omer on the left side of the penalty box who unleashed a screamer into the top right.   A goal to savour and one which we supporters are unlikely to forget !

In the 16th minute, just as we were singing ‘The Bursaspor Song’, Omer almost made it 2 but his shot from outside the penalty box was just over.

3 minutes later there was more trickery from Goksu on the right when he sent in an inviting cross, but there were no takers.

Then in the 22nd minute Ankaragucu shot themselves in the foot with some woeful defending when the defence was dithering instead of feeding the ball to unmarked colleagues.   Tokat gained possession and broke down the right wing with the Ankaragucu defence posted missing.   An accurate cross came over to the inrushing forward who met the ball perfectly with his head to bullet the ball past Ferhat.

The wake-up call was heeded and there were no more slip-ups as half time approached.

It was mostly all one way traffic in the 1st half but we were relieved that a Tokat revival didn’t transpire and fairly content going in all square with the prospect of attacking the Gecikondu end in the 2nd half.

9 minutes of the 2nd half played and Salih almost opened his goal scoring account when he made a rare forage into the Tokat penalty area, but his shot hit the bar and was cleared.

3 minutes later there was a double substitution when Emrah and Sertan were withdrawn and replaced by Enes and Hasan.

Enes almost made an immediate impact when his fierce goalbound shot was well saved.

Then in the 63rd minute, Ankaragucu received their ‘get out of jail card’ !    Omer made an attacking run on the left and just as he entered the penalty box he was tripped as he was about to cross the ball.   The referee had no doubts and pointed immediately to the penalty spot and I have to agree with him that he made the correct call.

Timur stood up to the mark and gave the goalkeeper no chance with a well taken shot to put Ankaragucu back in front.

The match was almost made safe in the 77th minute when Omer was unlucky to see his shot hit the post and cleared to safety.

Into the last 5 minutes and Tokat pressed forward looking for the equaliser.

Ankaragucu made their final substitution when Harun replaced Timur as Ankaragucu made it clear that they would settle for what they had.

It was panic stations in the Ankaragucu defence and they had Ferhat to thank for saving a goalbound shot almost on the final whistle.  

There was one last chance for Enes, but he fired over from an Ankaragucu breakaway.

The final whistle was received with relief by us all, and with Manisa only managing to draw, Ankaragucu moved 2 points closer to the league leaders.   However, as I said earlier, Ankaragucu will need to take their chances and remain focused for the entire 90 plus minutes if they are serious about challenging Manisa.   The onus is on Hasan and Goksu to supply the ammunition for the front men.

Back to the Red Lion Club to celebrate and watch ManYoo beat Liverpool and Hibs playing out a draw with Falkirk.

Next weekend Ankaragucu will be away against Karagumruk.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

SHOCK: Gencler pull off an away win!

The above Instagram posting was from Selcuk Sahin, one of our new players who had a pretty decent match on Sunday. It sort of translates as follows:

A difficult away match and an important 3 points. Every match is difficult, every match is a final. My first at my new team was a win but it was also great fun. To everyone: "health to your feet". There are still many more points that we will win. Carry on friends. #kirmizikara #genclerbirligi 

Rizespor 2 - 3 Genclerbirligi

I had a bit of work to do down at the Red Lion Club but was constantly being distracted by the football. The first minute, I was pretty happy. Next 10 minutes not so much. Rize put on an amazing amount of pressure and it wasn't a surprise when they went one up. I just don't think our defenders were getting back fast enough.

Oh well, it was while later and Gencler started to look the better team. Another one of our new guys Hleb (yes, the same Hleb that we got rid of six months ago) was controlling things nicely in midfield and feeding our attacks. He had nothing to do with our first goal though. It was a brilliant pass from Ugur Ciftci to Stancu who controlled it magnificently and took a brilliant shot. Oh, how lovely it is to write such sentences after such the enormous drought we have endured.

Then a bit later we went ahead when Ahmet Hakan was the last to get his head on the ball. Thing was, everyone was going for goals and we were unlucky on a number of occassions. It was wonderful to watch.

Second half and controvery as Rize were awarded a penalty. It shouldn't have been one (he dived) but it would have been difficult to see. Hopf had no chance to save it.

Counting down towards the draw and Campos had the ball on the half-way line on the right wing. Two defenders come at him, he gets through both, dribbles towards the right-hand goal post, past another guy, shoots through the keeper's legs and goalllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, right at the death. Four minutes into added time and Rize hit the post... Phew.

As Selcuk Sahin said: Carry on friends.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ankaragucu vs Tokatspor match preview!

Ankaragucu return to league action on Sunday as the second half of the season gets under way after the winter break. The team spent the last week in Antalya preparing for the title challenge ahead with Manisaspor and will be looking to take all 3 points on Sunday with Tokatspor who are pushing for a playoff spot.

The team took part in two friendly matches during the break in Antalya winning 4-3 against Urmaniyespor and drawing 1-1 with Istanbulspor. The fans will be hoping that the team have been working on creating more chances and also their finishing as that was the main issue in the team dropping too many points in the first half of the season.

Its unlikely that Ankaragucu will lift the transfer ban this month with Mehmet Yiginer being vocal in the last couple of days regarding the matter. Yiginer is disappointed with the lack of investment from wealth businessmen from Ankara who have either refused to put money into the club or failed to keep their promise. He was also criticised Melih Gokcek who still hasn't paid the club the money he promised.

Mehmet Umut Nayir today completed his transfer from Osmanlispor to Yeni Malatyaspor, the move made the headlines as Osmanlispor haven't even paid Ankaragucu the 750,000 transfer fee owed on the player. Its almost as if Melih Gokcek is desperate to kill the club, just a horrible horrible man. Hopefully Yiginer learns never to do business with Osmanlispor again.

Tokatspor like most other clubs in the league were able to strengthen their squad this month and will be coming to Ankara with the intentions of taking all 3 points. Its difficult to see at this moment whether the transfer ban will benefit Ankaragucu or kill of their championship aspirations.

The team have now had time to gel and coach Kemal Kilic will know who his starting line up will be. Their is a lot of experience in this Ankaragucu team and he will be hoping they can spur the team on. Unfortunately i don't see enough quality in this team and not adding to the team could kill of our chances of winning promotion. The sad thing is that this is the best chance the team will have in a poor poor division to win promotion, if we fail this season it could be a long time before we see Ankaragucu back in with the big boys.