Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ankaragucu latest news!

The three players above Emre Tasdemir, Gokhan Akkan and Hasan Ayaroglu should have been the core of the Ankaragucu team that saw its way back to the Super Lig. Instead Emre Tasdemir last season signed for Bursaspor and was just recently called up to the Turkish National Team. Today Gokhan Akkan said farewell to the club after signing for Super Lig side Caykur Rizespor in a deal worth 900,000 TL to the club. That leaves Hasan Ayaroglu remaining but it looks like the youngster will also sign for a Super Lig side in the next couple of weeks.

Aytac Oden has already signed for Eskisehirspor a couple of weeks ago as the leaves continue to fall at Ankaragucu. In some positive news Orhan Evci and Metin Ilhan both signed new deals with the club with Orhan turning down moves to the Super Lig.

Gokhan Akkan spoke of his sadness leaving the club, but said that he wanted to see the club receiving money as opposed to leaving next season when his contract runs out on a free transfer. Losing Gokhan is a blow to the club but receiving that kind of money with the player only having a year left on his contract is a good deal for both clubs. Ankaragucu have some talented young Goalkeepers such as Turgut Kirveli, Altay Bayindir, Kaan Ates and Cihan Bal who will all fight it out for the number 1 jersey this coming season.

In other news, as OZ Kanka and John both pointed out today, Former Ankaragucu president Ahmet Gokcek has been appointed to the executive board of the Turkish Federation. I will stop right there before i post something i regret.......

Turkish Football Federation election

There was an election today for a new chairman and board for the Turkish Football Federation. Don't worry about most of the blokes who got in... you just need to know the one result that symbolizes everything that is wrong with Turkish football:

Ahmet Gokcek is now a member of the Executive Board.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ankaragucu latest news!

With the season having finished and the players already approaching pre season training, I'm afraid the news for Ankaragucu doesn't get any better. One of the clubs key players from last season Aytac Oden has signed for rivals Eskisehirspor in the Turkish Super Lig. Mehmet Yiginer claims the club offered him a new contract but both Eskisehirspor and Goztepe offered the player more money. In the end Aytac chose to play in the Turkish Super Lig and I'm sure no Ankaragucu fan will hold that against him.

Two more Ankaragucu players look set to leave the club with Gokhan Akkan attracting interest from Caykur Rizespor and Orhan Evci who is also out of contract attracting interest from Super Lig and PTT Lig sides. We will keep you updates on any developments.

On the financial side, Mehmet Yiginer claimed yesterday that the Ankara Municipality donated 1 Million Lira to the club which has helped pay depts to former players and wages to current players. He did however stress that the club need more help just to survive and their is still a lot of work to be done.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Scot Stuart Baxter to manage Gencler

Gencler have signed former Preston North End midfielder Stuart Baxter as their coach for next season, the first Brit ever to manage the Ankara side.

Baxter brings a wealth of international experience of coaching at a club and national level from Scandinavia to South Africa. You're spoiling us, Mr. Cavcav.

If he's reading this blog as part of his research, we wish him the very best of luck. And if he's not.

But he will be, if he isn't already.


Greeting Kankas and Kankies.

The Ankaragucu and Genclerbirligi Kankas will be meeting in The Red Lion Club on Saturday evening 13 June for the End of Season Party and to say ........ hello summer !

Due to the fame of the Kanka Group, The Red Lion Club are flying in world famous Rock Group, The Hatays, to perform live at 9pm.

Eski Kanka will be bringing something special from Scotland.    Not the Saltire Flag, but something liquid !!!

It has been stated many times that Ankaragucu fans are dangerous.    However, the two hooligans in the above photo have promised to be on their best behaviour on Saturday !

Look forward to seeing all kankas, kankies and friends of Ankaragucu and Gencler there on Saturday.  

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Friday, June 05, 2015

Bursa Woes

Fellaini Kanka and Cider Kanka made it to Bursaspor's Turkish Cup final match on Wednesday in Bursa... 
Along with some Ankara-based economic migrants from Bursa

And, though there wasn't a huge Ankaragücü contingent there, a lot of the locals had Ankaragücü scarves or kit, and many of our present and former players came to the match to support our sister club.

Not that they needed outside support - the whole city of Bursa was out in green and white in support of their team, including most of the cashiers and attendants in the shops. Spotted by some of the hospitable locals in our Ankaragücü gear, we were plied with drink and questions about how our season had gone.

From our perch behind the Bursa goal, it looked like Bursa played a blinder, as well. They managed the impressive feat of making the Galatasaray midfield look lacking, playing a smooth passing game and setting up a string of shots on goal. When Bursa got a penalty in the Galatasaray box and went 1-0 up, the crowd was understandably delighted, but not so surprised.

And yet, we watched as all those beautifully set-up shots went to waste. Galatasaray won 3-2, clawing back the goals and gradually taking over the game (even if Bursa kept in it to the end).

This was all played in Dartmoor-like conditions as a considerable arsenal of flashbangs and fireworks smuggled in by both teams' supporters left misty smoke all over the pitch.

Our hosts were less than pleased, and in place of the hours of celebrating we had anticipated, we ended up drowning our sorrows in a terrace bar, watching some of the Teksas youth members running around with knives the size of their forearms.

Over drinks, Fellaini Kanka asked me, "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Ramzan Kadyrov?" and I had to admit that they hadn't. In the midst of the thick cloud of disappointment that descended over the entire city and the heavy purgatory rain that followed, it seemed a slightly more relevant question.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Well .......... not quite yet, but it could happen !

We have an interesting scenario developing in the Scottish and English Championships when four of our kankas teams go head-to-head.

Bellshill Kanka Nadeem and Eski Kanka Jim will be sending insults to each other for the next few days as the Semi-Final of the Championship pits the poor little under-dogs Rangers against the Mighty Hibernian.      Rangers will be at home tomorrow night with the return next Saturday.

Burra Kanka and Naaaarich Kankie Lucy are more polite than Nadeem and Jim, and will just be thinking about sending insults to each other !    Middlesbrough host Norwich City in the Final of the Championship 1st Leg on Monday night.

Bring it on and watch this space and fb for the insults to fly !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Monday, May 18, 2015

Genclerbirligi accused of match fixing!

I remember two games in particular involving Ankaragucu where i thought both matches were fixed. The first one funnily enough was my first ever Ankaragucu game at home against Fenerbahce the same season Bursaspor were challenging them for the title, which they eventually won. The 2nd last game of the season Ankaragucu hosted Fenerbahce and lost 3-0.

The 2 goals Ankaragucu goalkeeper Serkan Kirintil conceded were laughable and i said after the match that he threw the game. Amazingly just 3 weeks later Serkan signed for Fenerbahce despite not having a great season. Serkan a couple of weeks ago was again at the center of match fixing allegations after a goal he conceded against Fenerbahce where he seemed to take his hand away from the ball as it went into the back of the net.

This weekend Genclerbirligi lost to Galatasaray and goalkeeper Ramazan is accused of letting the goal in, and Bodgan Stancu of deliberately missing a chance at the end to level the game. If you watch the highlights on Lig TV its difficult to argue a case for both players.

Gencler chairman Ilhan Cavcav has added fuel to the fire by banning his players from talking to the media about the game.

Turkish football is going backwards due to Passolig and the corruption involved, lets hope that this was just two dreadful errors from Gencler players, but it looks like there are certain people with power in Turkish football hell bent on destroying the game despite the amount of people who went to jail for the same reason a few years ago.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ankaragucu transfer news!

According to reports on Social Media sources on Twitter and Facebook, Ankaragucu are in talks with Umut Nayir (Osmanlispor), Yildiray Kocal (Osmanlispor) and Timur Kosovali (Goztepe). The 3 forwards are out of favor with their current clubs and would be major coups for Ankaragucu.

However, before we can sign any of the above, the management team need to lift the transfer ban. According to those reports, Mehmet Yiginer is confident he can come to an agreement which will allow the club to progress with their plans.

On the not so positive front Levent Kale, Aytac Oden, Orhan Evci and Gokhan Erdogan are all out of contact and free to leave the club. Gokhan Erdogan wont be offered a new contract while Gozepe are interested in signing Aytac and Gaziantepspor are interested in Orhan who has had his best season for the club.

Gokhan Akkan is also attracting the interest of Bursaspor and Konyaspor while our player of the season Hasan Ayaroglu is wanted by rivals Eskisehirspor.

It is also said that now Osmanlispor have secured their place in the Super Lig, there will be talks in regards to merging the two clubs together. This is something that must never be allowed to happen, and we will now see Mehmet Yiginer put to the test to see if he really does have the best interest of the club at heart.


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

With Ankaragucu and the other 2nd League mid-table teams pissing off on an early summer holiday, the 2nd League Play-Offs have now reached the semi-final stage.

Unsurprisingly, Bandirma is still in the mix and they will play Inegol.    While from the White Group, Pendik take on 1461 Trabzon.

Bandirma has been a thorn in the side of Ankaragucu last season and this, so I’m hoping they will win the final and piss off into the PTT League !!

Whilst on the subject of the PTT League, with 2 matches left it is still unclear who will join Kayseri in the Super League.

Ankara Osmanli made a statement of intent last weekend when they beat Adana Demir 2-0 and currently sit 2nd top 4 points ahead of Demir.    However, Osmanli travel to 4th placed Antalya next Sunday in a match which should really test their credentials.     If they lose, then Demir could take advantage if they beat 2nd bottom Buca.

So, it could quite easily go to the last match of the season to decide who goes up with Kayseri.   Exciting stuff, and I’ll be tuned into TRT this weekend to see the action.

Hopefully, Ankaragucu will be able to contest 1st or 2nd in the PTT League in 2 years time.    That’s an ………. Inshallah !!!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Friday, May 08, 2015

Round ball in Ankara player of the year - Hasan Ayaroglu!

The winner of our 2014/15 Round ball in Ankara player of the year deservedly goes to our talented playmaker Hasan Ayaroglu. Votes were cast this week on the Round ball in Ankara Facebook page with Hasan beating Levent Kale to the award.

Its the second year in a row that an Ankaragucu youth product has won the award with Emre Tasdemir picking up the award last season. Emre went onto sign for Bursaspor in the Turkish Lig and has impressed when called upon.

Hasan has had a stop start career today with the 20 year old struggling with injuries for the last 2 years. Big things were expected but he hadn't quite lived up to his early promise due to those injuries and inconsistency.

He has certainly lived up to that promise this season playing 27 games scoring 8 goals and creating many more goals for his team mates. He has also been rewarded with call ups to the Turkish youth National team.

Everyone at the Round ball in Ankara would like to congratulate Hasan on winning our player of the year award and wish him all the best for next season.

Sunday, May 03, 2015


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

A great ‘away day’ was slightly spoiled somewhat when local team Golbasi were relegated to the 3rd League on the back of an Ankaragucu victory.   It was unfortunate for Golbasi who had numerous chances to win the match, but their finishing was woeful, and as we all know, it’s all about sticking the round ball in the back of the net !

Golbasispor    2              ANKARAGUCU      3

The kankas met-up at Guven Park and we bussed it out to Golbasi.    Melek Kankie Hazal, Maniac Kanka Harun, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I, and late-comer Cider Kanka John who was banished to watch the match from a vantage point outside the stadium when the Police closed the gates shortly before kick-off.

It was pissing down, but we were able to enter the covered ‘home end’ where Maniac Kanka and I wore our Golbasi scarves and tried our best to act like ‘home’ supporters !

It only took 4 minutes for Ankaragucu to take the lead from an own goal which none of us saw because we were trying on and admiring our new sexy sky blue scarves !!

Levent should have made it 2 on the 10th minute mark, but he shot tamely at the goalkeeper.

5 minutes later a Golbasi attacker sent a screamer of a shot narrowly past the post with Gokhan well beaten.   Then, 2 minutes after that there was the miss of the match when Gokhan parried a goalbound shot.   The re-bound was sent goalwards, but it was cleared off the line by my Man of the Match, Gurkhan, who had an outstanding match marshalling his back line.   He has become the stalward of the defence.

3 minutes later and Ankaragucu punished Golbasi for their profligacy in front of goal.   Teoman did well to win the ball and feed Hasan A on the right who sent in an unstoppable shot to the top left corner with the goalkeeper helpless.

On the half hour mark and Teoman showed us how fast he is by going on a run down the right wing from the half way line leaving defenders in his wake.   The cut-back came in near the goal line but Levent couldn’t make contact.

5 minutes later from an Ankaragucu corner, the unkarked Levent headed weakly past the post.

Golbasi had the last chance before half time but Gokhan saved a goalbound shot.

So, going in at half time 2-0 up was a fair reflection of play – Ankaragucu took their chances !  

However, even though Golbasi had the possession and numerous goal attempts in the 2nd half, they couln’t find the killer touch.   

That said, they finally found the target shortly after the restart.   A corner was swung into the box and an atacker managed to head-in at the 2nd attempt.

Golbasi were now seeking the equaliser and they had ample opportunities in the next 20 minutes or so with shots on goal saved by Gokhan, a goal-line clearance by Mehmet, a shot screwed wide and even an ‘offside goal’.

10 minutes from the end Golbasi had a free kick just outside the box which occurred from desperate Ankaragucu defending but it went whizzing past the post.   Then 5 minutes from the end there was yet another chance for Golbasi when a cross came in from the left and the attacker struck air as the ball travelled between his legs and out !

Into the last 2 minutes and the goal of the match came from substitute Emir.   A long clearance into the Golbasi half was picked up by him, but with no support in the vicinity, he bore in on goal, rounded a defender, and from the left, shot into the top right hand corner of the goal with the goalkeeper well beaten.    Btw, I hope Teoman was watching from the dug-out on what strikers are supposed to do !!!

1 minute to go and Golbasi still attacked.   Then a rush of blood to the head from an Ankaragucu defender (we couldn’t see which one !) bringing down an attacker in the box resulted in a penalty which the No19 despatched in the centre with Gokhan diving to his left.

Into injury time, and still time for Emir to hit the bar with another stunning shot.

So, an upbeat way to finish the season for the Ankaragucu players, but sad to see local rivals Golbasi being relegated.     If they can keep this team together and perhaps strengthen here and there, then I’m sure they will be back in the 2nd League in 2 years time.

Back to The Chopin Bar we went to celebrate and watch the Antep v Genclerbirligi match on TV.    What a laugh we had in the 60th minute of that match when Gencler scored and the cameraman zoomed in on the ONE Gencler fan in the away end.    We could easily read his lips and he shouted ............ Gencler (clap clap clap) ............ Gencler (clap clap clap) !!!    We saw it again 2 more times as Gencler won 3-0 and the players came over to him at the end and threw a shirt to him !

Let’s see if we have any good news to report here in off field activities during the summer which might allow Ankaragucu to lift their transfer ban.

But for now, all the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Yes, Ankaragucu avoided the relegation dog-fight today with a rather fortunate win in their last home match of the season.

ANKARAGUCU   3        Nazillispor   1

A good turn-out of kankas today contrasted with a poor turn-out elsewhere in the Stadium, with even Gecikondu only a quarter full.    There were 20 in the away end and not a squeak was heard from them throughout !

Maniac Kanka Harun, Gorgeous Kankies Hatice and I met-up in the Amateur Stadium for tea and were treated to some excellent footie by Ucbasspor who were 2-0 up at half time with their No10 a possible Ankaragucu striker !

Into the Stadium where we met-up with Apple Kanka Erman, Barnsley Kanka Nigel, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and Cider Kanka John.

Ankaragucu lost the toss and attacked the Gecikondu end, and it only took 10 minutes for the opening goal to arrive.   A cross came in from the right straight to the unmarked Levent who stroked the ball in at ground level to leave the goalkeeper helpless.

It has to be said that the goal was against the run of play with Nazilli looking dangerous, but their finishing was abysmal, but they should have equalised on the 23rd minute mark after some sloppy Ankaragucu defending.

One minute later came the referee’s most controversial decision of the match when he decided that Summer had arrived and gave the players a 3 minute ‘water break’.   I’m not sure that I agree with that decision, but I can at least concede that Spring may have arrived at last !!

Approaching half time and yet another Nazilli attack fizzled out when an attacker blasted over.   However, just before the half time whistle, Nazilli did find the target, but Gokhan made his first crucial save to deny them, and as I said before, their shooting was woeful.

Into the 2nd half and from the re-start, surprise ............. surprise .......... Teoman won a tackle in the opposing half, played a 1-2 with Hasan, but the goalkeeper dived bravely at his feet as he was about to shoot to save well.

5 minutes later a comment from Maniac Kanka ................ quote ...... Hasan Ayaroglu is having a shocker ......... unquote.    Frowns of disapproval from Battle Damaged Kanka !!!

Nazilli had another great chance on the 70th minute mark when a shot came in on the left side of the penalty area, but the ball hit the post and went out of play.

10 minutes later it should have been 2-0 when a great cross came in from the left to the unmarked Ramazan, but he ballooned the ball over.

5 minutes from the final whistle and the game was still in the balance when Ankaragucu had a penalty claim.   The attacker was pulled back in the box, but he made a meal of it by falling down dramatically and the referee quite righty waved the claims for a penalty away !

However, 5 minutes later with the clock ticking-down, Emir was blatantly pulled down in the box and this time the referee had no hesitation in pointing to the spot !     Hasan Ayaroglu stepped up and shot to the left and the ball went in off the post.    Whew !!     Relief all round, especially for Hasan who avoided more aggro from Maniac Kanka !!!

Into time added-on and just as we were getting ready to leave, up pops Aytac in the box to hit a shot into the roof of the net to surprise us all.     Unbelievable scoreline, and no sooner had we finished celebrating deep into time added-on, than Nazilli broke away and fired in a consolation goal with the Ankaragucu defence still celebrating, or sleeping, or perhaps their concentration was on the clock !

Back to The Chopin to celebrate a rare victoreeeee and make plans for next weekend and the final match of the season against Kizilcahamam.

The good news is that it will be played in Golbasi Stadium, so the Kankas ‘are up for it’ and our 2nd away match of the season.    Details to follow here and on fb.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

With Levent and Teoman banished to the bench, it was left to the 2 Hasans (both midfielders) to do the biz today.

Alas, they failed, and can you hear Eski shouting for Teoman's return ?     Errrrrmmm ....... no, not yet !!!

Kirklarelispor   1        ANKARAGUCU   0

Ankaragucu is leaving it late in the season to be sure of safety from relegation !

Altay on 27 points are doomed, but Ankaragucu in mid-table only have 38 points and with 2nd bottom Tepecik on 32 points, can't take anything for granted with only 2 matches remaining.

Next Saturday (25th) is Ankaragucu's last home match (KO 2.30pm) against Nazilli who are still in the Play-Off mix, so it won't be easy.

The last match is away to Kizilcahamam who are on 34 points and this has all the hallmarks of a classic SIX Pointer !    Surey Ankaragucu can win at least one of those last two matches ........ can't they ??!!

Well, as we all know, anything is possible in footie.    After all, didn't Falkirk beat Hibs yesterday, and ........... Inverness beat Celtic today ??!!

Watch this space as the season draws to a close.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Monday, April 13, 2015


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Maniac Kanka and I entered the Stadium 20 minutes before KO to an eerie atmosphere with Gecikondu and Maraton only half full, Kapali almost empty, and what was surprising .......... no singing !

It was the ‘away end’ who gave the ‘wake-up’ call !    There was about 100 of them and when they unfurled a banner which read (Ankaragucu will be born again) it drew lots of applause from all the tribunes.

Then, after the National Anthem it was the ‘away end’ who called both teams over to welcome them, and this prompted Maraton to do the same.

Well done you Gumushane Supporters – you made lots of friends yesterday !

ANKARAGUCU   0             Gumushanespor    0

No sooner had the match got underway than the anti-management chants started, the basis of which was .............. Management, don’t be afraid – do something to save our Club !!!

Gumushane started on the front foot and should have been 2 up within the first 20 minutes with 2 fierce shots just whizzing past the post.

On the 20 minute mark, Hasan had Ankaragucu’s first chance but his shot was blocked by a timely tackle.

Ankaragucu had only one more chance before half time when an inviting cross came in from the left from Hasan and all Teoman had to do was meet it with his head, but he elected to just look at the ball as it flashed past and out of danger !

Gumushane had 2 more chances to score before the half time whistle but Gokhan made 2 saves to thwart them, and Ankaragucu went in fortunate not to be a goal or two behind.

The Gumushane goalkeeper didn’t have anything to do in the first half due to Ankaragucu’s old failings re-surfacing, ie, lots of passing between Gokhan, Volkan, Onur and Andac in their own half, but then the breakdown in the opposing half with too many passes going astray and losing possession too easily to the busy Gumushane players.    The chief culprits being Gokhan Erdogan and Teoman who obviously climbed out of bed on the wrong side yesterday morning !!
Ankaragucu upped the tempo in the 2nd half but their performance was still below par.    However, they should have opened the scoring 10 minutes into the 2nd half when they had 3 attempts in the box at headers, but the goalkeeper and the woodwork came to Gumushane’s aid in what was like a ping-pong game !

However, just prior to that comedy show, Gumushane were denied a goal from a freekick which Gokhan saved spectacularly.

Halfway through the 2nd half Eski Kanka was able to cheer at last when Emir replaced Teoman, and 10 minutes later Maniac Kanka was able to cheer when Gokhan Erdogan was replaced !

5 minutes to the final whistle, Ankaragucu broke away down the right and in a smart exchange of passes, Emir was in a great position to score, but blasted over.    At that moment I was thinking  .................. hmmmmmm ............... maybe Teoman would have scored, but then I said .................  Nah !!!

Into the last minute and Gokhan (my Man of the Match) saved the day by tipping over a goal bound free kick.

So, having re-read my report, it didn’t sound like a boring match, but .................. believe me, yes it was for the most part !

Back to The Chopin Bar we went where we met up with Barnsley Kanka Nigel who will hopefully try to attend Ankargucu’s last home match against Nazilli in a few weeks time.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Yawn yawn ........... please wake me up !!!

I just can't find the energy to report on today's match.

ANKARAGUCU   0     Gumushane    0

Thank God that Maniac Kanka Harun was there to entertain me !!!

Match report tomorrow night, but don't expect me to say anything complimentary about Ankaragucu !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

PS .......... Well, at least Hibs won the Edinburgh Derby to put a smile back on my ugly face !!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ankaragucu vs Gumushanespor match preview!

There were more bad news off field this week when Mustafa Akan who is a friend of Melih Gokcek and Mehmet Yiginer claimed he is taking the club to court due to 17 Million Lira he claims he is owed by the club. The club is also been pursued for 500k by a sausage company and it looks like we are in for another troubled summer.

The worrying thing for me is that Mustafa Akan is involved with Melih and Mehmet and that no one knew anything about this money he is owed. To me it looks like Ankaragucu are being exploited again.

Onto some good news, and Muhammed Gonulacar, Metin Aydin, Hasan Ayaroglu and Turgut Kirveli were all called up to the Turkish U19 squad this week. Credit must go to the Ankaragucu youth coaches who have a fantastic record of bringing through talented young players.

Tomorrows match is at home with a 1430 kick off at the 19 Mayis Stadium for the visit of Gumushanespor who lie one place below Ankaragucu in the table. The visitors have a very similar record to Ankaragucu with too many draws which have hampered their playoff hopes. They will be however coming to the Capital looking to take the 3 points back home.

Ankaragucu lost 2-1 last weekend at Goztepe and will have been disappointed to have come away empty handed having missed a couple of easy chances to kill the game off before Goztepe scored. Teoman needs to start finding consistency and improve on his finishing if he wants to keep his place in the team. Young Emir Ozbey is looking for his chance in the team and has an excellent scoring record at youth level.

Not the most exciting of matches that the club has been involved in but its important to take the 3 points and start preparing for next season. However i don't hold out much hope with the growing financial problems off field set to take centre stage again.